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Global Listening Lives
?Kay Goodridge and Nick Skelton have received funding from Awards for All, through Face Up, a small arts organisation that explores human responses to war, conflict and aggression in the world.
One of the most tragic and possibly misrepresented events in the world are issues relating to migration and the plight of refugees from many parts of the world. In this project we aim to make a series of radio programmes to be broadcast on radio stations including Cambridge 105 radio, by meeting with and interviewing refugee women and their families about their journeys from their countries of origin to the UK.
The emphasis of the interviews was specifically asking them about the music that was important to them throughout their lives and journeys.
By involving refugee organisations the UK we have made connections with people who have been willing to be part of this project and who have said that they have benefited from talking about their experiences.
Kay Goodridge is an artist/photographer who is founder member and chair of Face Up. She has worked with women refugees and immigrants with Birkbeck College in London, and with CARA (Council for Assisting Refugee Academics). She will be project managing Global Listening Lives as well as interviewing participants, editing interviews and producing the radio programmes together with Nick. She has also interviewed several people and taken photographs of personal items that they have survived the journey alongside them, and will include these in a catalogue that will accompany the project.
Nick Skelton is a broadcaster and world music DJ. He devised and produced a series of Global Listening Lives with 209 radio in 2006. He is presenter of Clubglobal on Cambridge 105, a world and roots music programme and has a wide audience all over the world and excellent networks in the radio sector.
We invited people who are now living in the UK and who have come from other lands, sometimes as refugees, as survivors of religious or political oppression, to have a voice and to tell their individual stories and personal journeys, illustrated through music that has been significant to them throughout their lives.
In order to help people be prepared for their interviews, we suggested some outline questions beforehand and asked them to think of their answers and the music they would choose in advance. If they would like to sing any of the songs they choose or play a musical instrument as well, we would also like to record these for the show.
We believe that by encouraging people from different cultures, religions and backgrounds to listen to each other, that some of the fear, misinformation and negative thoughts that we learn about people who are different from ourselves can be overcome and that as a result, understanding and trust in the community can grow.
After working on the project since May 2017, the project is now finished and can be heard on