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A Living Archive

I have been writing diaries for over 30 years, sometimes regularly and sometimes infrequently. I started my diary work at the approach of a significant transition in my life. I decided to revisit the diaries and to create from each one something new through the process of re-reading, indexing and transforming each one. Writing a diary is essentially for oneself, and this, of course is what makes it private 'a place of asylum in space; but also an archive in time" .an uncertain genre that sits between subjectivity and objectivity.
One of my motivations for this project was my need to either destroy or transform the diary to protect it from unwanted readers which can cause an even more violent response and may lead to betrayal and destruction of another form.
Through my research I am processing information about work that has already been done on archives and diaries and am excited about the thought and creative processes that I am going through to explore this way of working.
I have chosen to "end" these diaries by transforming or destroying them partially, using he diary to"freeze time". Through this process the diary becomes a living archive and offers possibilities to create different readings and histories.
The work will give the viewer the ability to reflect on and intuitively be part of the process that have created this fusion - the growing, the burning and the exhuming as the diaries transform into objects and objects into space and time. As the first reality of the text becomes masked, the viewer has to imagine what lies beneath and to explore a new meaning, seeing the possibility of revival in these changed objects.