I am an artist using photography, found objects, found images, found texts.
I am interested in what lies below the surface in an image. Images that tell a story, or ask a question, or create a sense of quiet, or unquiet, that disturb. Traces of time on the landscape, the body, walls, marks on paper, on slate, on marble.
Different cameras and recording equipment are my toolbox;a variety of techniques are my pallette.
I work in a very intuitive way, often trusting the creative process for some time before a piece of work makes sense to me, or perhaps before it is revealed to me. It is about time passing, life as a continuum, life as transitory, unable to be seen in the whole; experienced. perhaps "one frame at a time". It is this encountering and trusting of the creative process that keeps me "knocking at an empty house" - even though the lights may be out, I think I can see a candle flickering in a corner behind the blinds, just out of reach, but there none the less. The "something else" that Bill Viola has faith in that is felt beyond the veil of daily life and that is the subject of my life's work.

For over eighteen years I have been developing and prioritising my own practice as a visual artist alongside my work as a community artist, organiser and facilitator. During this time I have worked with a wide range of groups and organisations as a commitment to my own and to other people’s creativity. My adaptability, spontaneity and flexibility of approach to working across a range of contemporary media and my commitment to both the process and final product, are the basis for this practice. I am a good communicator and have the ability to engage individuals from diverse backgrounds, abilities and ages through the provision of vibrant and exciting resources and experiences. I have a track record of delivering and co-ordinating effectively and within given deadlines a broad range of successful projects, residencies and exhibitions.